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What are the system requirements to use
A web browser with javascript enabled.

What if the navigation menu doesn't work?
Some web browsers disable certain javascript functions that the navigation menu needs to work propertly. Check the javascript settings in your browser's preferences/options menu and allow javascript to raise or lower windows.

In Firefox open the "Content" section of the preferences or options, make sure "Enable Javascript" is checked, and then click on "Advanced" next to this option. Check "Raise or Lower Windows" and click OK. Click on the image below to see these settings.
firefox javascript

How do I use
Please review the tutorial to learn how to use

Why does nothing happen when I click the "Search" buttons?
Some pop-up blockers will prevent from working properly. If windows are not openning properly, please check your pop-up blocker settings. You may have to allow pop-ups for will only open new windows for the sites you choose and a navigation menu window and will not open any pop-up advertisements.
If Internet Explorer 7 blocks windows from opening, it should give you the option of allowing them for as shown below. Click image to expand and shrink. IE block

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